It Is A Race

Remember when you used to rush and your mom would tell you, “Its not a race.” Well she was wrong. It is a race. Okay that came across kinda harsh (and a day after mother’s day...yikes), sorry mom. While mom’s are totally right in regards to eating too fast (unless you are a competitive eater) or coloring in your coloring book or running with scissors (thank you mom) there are in fact some parts of life that are a race. And that is not bad. Having a moment to say “Go” can be important sometimes. Seeing a finish line can make all the difference in whether we finish and how we finish. Goals give guidelines. Tracks trace tire treads to triumph. Life is not a game, but it is a race.

This song reminds me of being inside some old video game like rad racer. I watched Wreck it Ralph the other day so I was inspired by that. The game in my head is like a combination of Mario Cart, Frogger, and the old nintendo track pad running game we used to play. You had to stomp you feet really fast to race against virtual cheetahs...remember that?

So here goes:

The scene opens on a house in a neighborhood. You zoom in through the window where a bunch of people are watching a race on TV. Then you zoom to and through the TV and you are there at the starting line. Crazy obstacles and other tracks wiz by while you wait for the green light to glow GO. Its a frogger like race of waiting and racing dodging and jumping. This type of thing takes you all the way to the first break down. This is where you hit some kind of catapult device that sends you flying. You can see the finish line in the distance with the crowds cheering. You have a mini montage of growing up racing as a kid. You are jolted out of the day dream when you touch back down to the track. Then off you go again. You find your self in the back of the heap, but that doesn’t phase you. All through the second verse and bridge you make your way through and finish in the top three. Sweet. After being hoisted in the air for a bit you find yourself receiving a cup on a champions stand. Then comes the journey home. You jump in a cab that take you to a train which brings you to the bus. All along this ride you montage again to your childhood day of racing. This time there is another character with you. Your mother. Holding you steady on your bike. Watching you dive off the diving board. Standing in the crowd as you step on the blocks at the 100 yard dash. Then there you are in front of the house we saw at the beginning you walk up as your nephews and nieces come out to hug you. Then you bring the cup into the house and give it to your mom.

Thanks to all the mom’s for keeping us safe but letting us race.