I Am The Other

Here is a song I wrote after marrying my lovely wife. I think it was her birthday song but it might have been our anniversary song. I should probably know which one but I’m giving myself a pass because I wrote a song for my wife. I didn’t know what to give her and I felt like God said, “well you could give her a song”. I was all like, “That’s a great idea!” He was all like, “I know right?”...ok so I made up that last line. I was sitting on my front porch and walking to the church down the street. I was thinking I don’t like songs that say “you are the one” cause it just seems like every love song in the world says that. So I thought what if this one said “I am the other”. So by the time I walked to the church, about 5 minutes, I sang the melody into my phone and the only words I had were, “da da da da I’m not scared of your mother cause your are the one and I am the other.” (FYI world... I do love my mother in-law, she actually helps me edit these blogs after they post, thanks!!) So then I just grabbed an old church bulletin and red pen and sat in an office for about 20 minutes till the song was pretty much finished.

To record it I didn’t use any drum beat or “click” track to keep it in time. I actually just waltzed around the room blabbing sounds and singing to get the dancing waltz feel to it. That’s the sound you here first on the song. Once I got a take that I liked I just layered all the other instruments then rerecorded the final vocals. I remember smiling a lot when I was recording, you can actually hear the smiles if you listen close. This is definitely one of my prouder moments in music making. Love is the best inspiration.

Here are the lyrics and song below


Yawning good morning some breakfast with coffee

Cucumber sandwiches eggs over easy

And I am so happy that we found each other

Cause you are the one and I am the other

Tell me you’ll be be my side when times harden

And I’ll learn to love picking weeds in the garden

Don’t be afraid I’m not scared of your mother

Cause you are the one and I am the other

Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you my stories

And I’ll hold your hand as we walk into Glory

And I was just joking I do love your mother

And your are the one and I am the other

Yes you are the one and I am the other

Your are the one and I am the other