Record producer, songwriter, composer, and mix engineer.


My passion is to bring an artist's vision to life at every stage in the creative process. From a song's first inspiration, to having the finished masters ready to share with the world.

Get to know me, my work, and download my free pdf, The Pre-­Production Planner. You can get in touch with me here and learn how to pronounce my middle name!


Your next great work is inside of you—
I’m here to capture it and shine the light on your sound.

Whether you’re looking for help to finish and/or refine your songs, build your tracks from scratch, or record with the band, you want someone who knows your tastes and has the experience to deliver. Take a look at my work and you'll see that in any genre, my goal is to make something beautiful with you.


- Songwriting

Your song is basically finished. But it doesn’t feel “done”. I can help. I personally got into the amazing journey of songwriting as a producer helping songwriters take their songs from good to great.

Sometimes just another set of ears is just the thing to bring fresh new perspective to your composition. I can do this in ­person, email, or even Skype! I also love to co­-write in all kinds of styles of music.


- Demos

You have a killer song but you want something better than the static­-y GarageBand demo. If someone just heard it the way you hear it in your head... You need a ready-to-pitch quality recording so that promoters, producers, and publishers will get what you are about.

Perhaps you are looking for an affordable way to work up your songs before you spend big money in a studio. I have access to the process, places, and people to help your project come together.


- Productions

I’m here to guide your music from concept to completion. I will organize the people, places, and process to get your music finished on time, within budget, and feeling amazing. You come to me, or we can make a studio out of a cabin in Jackson Hole. Figuratively speaking.

Give me a look at your budget and we can figure out the details for your:

  • Single

  • EP

  • Full ­Length Album

  • Live Recording

  • Music For Film or TV


- Engineering

So you have a producer or you are producing the album yourself. You just need someone who knows what buttons to push and is fun to work with. Maybe all your songs are ready to mix but you need another set of ears to make it come alive. Contact me for any of the following services:

  • ­Recording in the studio

  • ­Recording live events (i.e. YouTube content or live concerts)

  • ­Editing your recorded tracks to prepare for mixing

  • ­Mixing your already ­recorded tracks

  • Mastering your mixes for release