Packing Up

Do  you ever have trouble waking up in the morning? Yeah me too. Even when there is something you want to do. Like go for a walk or leave for a trip or just have a nice morning without feeling rushed. When I was in school I used to have dreams about getting up and taking a shower, having breakfast and brushing my teeth then heading off to school. The only problem was that it was a dream. I would wake up and be like “Dang I gotta do that again!!” This is a story based of that kind of experience.

The first half shows a couple sleeping then pans “into” their dreams. They are going out of town to spend time with family, eating, laughing, walking through the garden and watching golf on TV. Its a great time and really life giving.

Then they wake up... They realize it was just a dream and they need to get going. They rush through their morning routine franticly yet excited about the goal of getting away. While packing up their things, they brush their teeth and comb their hair at the same time. A cup of coffee on the sink and breakfast bar in their pocket. They hit the road and roll the windows down....just drive. As the song ends they arrive at their family's house. Crossing the finish line just in time to do what they came to do......relax with the ones they love.