Come Along

I love to explore, whether hiking with my wife or going for long drives not knowing where we will end up. The picture is from our honeymoon hiking trip in Ireland. Sometimes a friend or a stranger will tell us of a special place to go or a scenic drive we just have to take if we are in the area. There are so many trails to take. Some paths are clearly marked with walkways and signs. Other paths are hidden, overgrown from underuse. You need both for true adventure.

I was thinking about this when making this piece. Traveling through the unfamiliar, looking for the road less traveled. The story goes like this. A lone traveler is walking through the wilderness. Miles and miles he walks throughout the wandering trails marked with white stones that are faded with weather and time. Winter has just past andthe trees are about to breath there first breath of spring. He comes to a clearing and there he sees something that is breathtaking. We don’t see anything but his reaction to its beauty. Then he runs, fetches his beloved and they take the same trail once more. Only this time Spring is in full bloom. Our hero knows where they are going but his love is unaware but trusting that there is a good end insight. As they stand in the clearing they see it..... a cliff side sunset overlooking a river. In their joy they run to the top of the hill and in seeing the cliff they hold there breath and jump. The scene cuts to under the water below as they plunge into the depths and begin to swim in the crystal clear water.

We were designed to be led and to lead others. We should learn from the travelers who went before us... looking for the way with courage and hope while inviting others to share in the journey. In the same way...If we look and listen we can here our Maker say, “come along with me, I have a grand adventure for you”.