The Lost & The Lion

This was my first attempt at a full on ambient track. I love the simplicity and space this type of music offers. But it is a challenge to keep things interesting without getting too crazy. I was adding lots of layers and then taking them away. There wasn’t much of a story at the beginning until I came across a sound from my library that became the “lead” vocal called “lost boy”. The sound and title immediately gave me a picture of a young boy wandering through the wilderness in Africa, somewhere in the Savanna region. I remembered a picture of a stone lion that my friend gave me so imagined a group of children asking an old man in their village why the statue was there. His story goes like this:

The intro is a fast dream sequence of the boy's life at home. Then he awakes to find himself miles from anywhere familiar. He begins to walk through the plains. A day and a night go by. Then he is stopped in his tracks when a huge male lion appears. (low rumble) At first the boy is terrified but somehow the approach of the lion reassures the boy that this lions's intentions are good. The boy decides to follow. As he does, other children of the village appear too. An older cousin, a younger brother. The lion leads them on until they see their village in the distance where they are met with joyful cries of their family. The lion slips quietly away but the children tell his story and the village makes a statue in the lion’s honor.