Christmas With You

I had the opportunity to write a Christmas song last week which I know is totally random but thought I would share it with ya’ll. I wanted to write something cute and classic like the old christmas songs I grew up with. Think Bing Crosby type vibe. I love the name Bing. Bing. The verses came pretty quickly last week in the morning while I was laying in bed. By the time I was out of the shower the raw lyrics of the verses were done. I think I like writing lyrics that way best. Just working things out in my head for a while, whilst doing other more mindless activities. Then I usually sit down for a bit to edit and develop it till its finished. Some times a lyric might change slightly while recording because of the way it feels coming off my lips. Bing. The lyrics and melody happened really fast but the music was a struggle. I wanted the simple yet amazing orchestrations of old school christmas music but I couldn’t get what was in my head out to the computer. So I ended up focusing on background vocals and bass to carry the song musically.

The story that at least inspired the beginning of the song is pretty funny and ironic. Imagine a father and son driving in a car together during Christmas, in Florida. They are kinda lost and trying to find their way to the family reunion. It’s sunny, blue skies, and no snow. There is an awkward silence between the obviously frustrated pair. So hence the first line.  “Lets bundle up dear and go for a drive”. Just seemed that would make people giggle watching that situation. The other verses were things that I would like to do with my wife at Christmas. Going on snowy walks and listening to music by a fire place. What? Yeah...that sound awesome. Bing.



Let’s bundle up dear and go for a drive and Take a look around at all the Christmas Lights

A beautiful night with just us two

I’m happy to spend my Christmas with you

Or Let’s Cuddle up dear and go for a stroll and march across the sidewalks piled with snow

A wonderful road with just us two

I’m happy to spend my Christmas with you

Cause there’s no other holiday that can compare with this

And you’re the only present that  is on my Christmas list.

Let’s settle down dear and sit by the fire and listen to the records of a caroling choir

And then we’ll retire with just us two

I’m happy to spend my (I’m happy to spend my)

I’m happy to spend all of my (all of my)

I’m happy to spend my Christmas

With you

Oh yeah.