Look at the moon!!! I remember yelling this one day when I was on my honeymoon. We were in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It was an island so skinny that you could see the sun set on one side and run over to the other side and see the moon rise. Which we tried to do every day we were there. (This pic is from that trip Santorini Greece) Most of our vacation was centered around food and celestial activity. As it should be. We’ll on one particular night we witnessed the most amazing moon, big and red hanging low over the ocean. We sat and stared praising God for His creation and then I noticed a couple walking down the street talking to each other like nothing was happening. I yelled, “look at the moon!!” they turned and stopped. I hope they appreciated that and didn’t think I was some annoying tourist. I think that is part of our purpose here on earth. We need to let people know about all the beauty in the world. If we don’t take the time to behold it then we can miss it ourselves and not have anything to tell people about.

This story is about a man who see’s this moonrise one day and is just excited to share it. The next night he run’s all through the town, through narrow passageways and up and down thousand year old staircases searching for signs of life. Everyone is either watching movies or playing video games.. on their smart phone or computer. He tries and tries but it doesn’t work. Well then he just goes and takes video of the moon. The next day he runs through the town hacking all the technology and showing the images of the moon rise with a text saying, “this happens around you... come and see tonight”. Well all the village people show up that night and without fail the moonrises. The faces of all the people, young and old, are in awe by the simple beauty of it. They enjoyed the moment together. Some kids start running around and people are laughing and eating. Our hero sits quietly next to a friend, weary from the day’s work, and watches the night sky.