Into The River

They say seeing is not believing, but it sure helps. Sometimes we can know or “hope know” something is going to happen without seeing it, but when it actually happens it takes our hope to a new level. Like when you know you are going on a trip before you get there. I mean, the tickets are booked.... you're going. We have friends who just had a baby. Dad was talking about crying and snotting all over the place holding his new born daughter. I mean really Dad, you knew it was going to happen, why so surprised? That was a joke.

This song is from the perspective of John the Baptist the older cousin of Jesus. He always knew that his younger cousin was special. And John knew that he himself was called to great things. But it wasn’t until that day at the Jordan river that the John’s “hope know” of Messiah would become a reality.

So the basic movie goes like this:

The first verse is John with the crowds seeing Jesus make his way towards him. The second verse is when Jesus asks John to baptize him. John is kinda taken aback by this, he doesn’t understand but he obeys. Then he see’s Heaven open and the dove / Spirit descend onto Jesus. This is the moment when he truly understands who Jesus is. Whoa. To check out a more detailed version of this the Bible. Its near the beginning of each gospel.

The song structure is: intro AB break ABB Bridge CCCC END

I really like this structure of song... I keep trying to do something else but it ends up this way.. oh well. Maybe next time.

Here are the lyrics.

Into the river, I see a bridge between.

Sin and forgiven, this day for all to see.

Ways made straight, in the wilderness.

Paths we take, they all call us here.

And in to the river, my God how can this be?

Doubt and decision, these times are calling me.

All my life, I’ve been crying out for Your Light.

Now I stand under the open skies.

Sending Heaven down,

Sending Heaven down.

And it feel like I just opened my eyes.