Open Up

Here is a short little ditty about a budding flower that is just waking up. The story begins as an early morning rain shower ends. Its been a long night and the storm was pretty intense. As the final beads of water cling to the flower like dew we see that the purple and yellow dawn is finally breaking. The morning breeze kisses the petals so gently that droplets do not fall. The petals stretch and expand like a child first waking up from an afternoon nap. And now fully opened, our flower friend greets the morning sun and takes a look around the saturated landscape dripping with liquid crystals. I’ve been feeling like this flower, growing slowly, but still unfolding and opening up to the vast expanse that is around me. The more I learn the less I know. I can be overwhelmed and intimidated by that and shrink back, or I can dig deep and reach out to the places where life comes from. I can trust that by the light of His face and the wind of His presence, God’s seed in me will grow. The heat of the day will not scorch me and the rain will not drown me.