Brave & New

This is my first attempt at epic space age thriller music thanks to the inspiration of a young local graphic artist. It's the story of a brave young explorer who finds himself in an alien world in search of the elosive wild traktagon.

A tracktagon is basically an interplanetary dragon. It can fly between worlds without exploding or suffocating. It doesn't eat food or need water or breath air. It lives completely from the

UV rays

if the sun. One scale from the traktagon could power an entire planet for 3000 years.

Our hero comes from a neighboring star and just landed on the cold dead planet. The conditions are perfect. The planet is in perpetual twilight which should give our hero a fighting chance. He looks around the landscape searching for signs of the beast. He remembers his family and his mission. Then suddenly he hears the roar of the traktagon coming from a rocky valley in the distance. He runs full speed toward the sounds. Coming towards a vast canyon he jumps. He easily clears the distance of 8 football fields before he begins to fall. He is not going to make it to the other side. But that was never his plan. As the ground rushes toward him we see the green blue and yellow glowing beast licking a wound  apparently caused  by falling from the unstable cliff above. He looks up just in time to see the young explorer pounce on top of the beats's bruised arm. The traktagon screams in pain and thrashes about wildly as our hero hangs on for dear life. After a few near misses from the mouth of the beast the the man grabs the beast ear and wrenches his sword deep inside. The traktagon's reflex cause his head and long neck to whip backwards sending our hero flying upwards toward the cliff face. As he lands we see his hand holding 3 blue glowing scales.


Big thanks the photon designs for making the art. check them out here.