Hot Air Balloon

I’ve never been in a hot air balloon. I want to one day. I imagine that it is different than parasailing or hand-gliding mostly because its slower. I’ve never done those either.  I mean I would kinda like to skydive or try that new thing where you jump off a cliff with a flying squirrel suit on but maybe a hot air ballon is a good place to start. I’ve had dreams where I’m flying. Those are my favorite dreams. Flying around your old neighborhood or   floating to the next town over while trying not to hit trees or power lines. I’ve never actually flown without the aid of Delta Airlines but I sure enjoy it every time I dream.

My seven year old nephew drew this picture for school, I love the color and the arrangement of it. I wondered if he imagined himself going on a balloon ride while he drew it. So I wrote this piece about the making of this drawing:

The scene starts with the young boy just waking up. As the sun rises he staggers down the stairs carrying his blanket with eyes half open. After mom wrestles with him to get his clothes on (small tickle fight included) they jump in the car with the rest of his family. In the drive there is a sense of anticipation in the unknown adventure to come, and then they see it. With the sun still low in the sky the hot air balloon peaks through the trees. The first low rumble of the strings represents the fire cord being pulled just before takeoff, and then they rise. The young boy can see for miles and miles, over there some cows that looks like mice. Then an old barn with a tracker moving along. Then through the clouds and above the mountains. The only sounds are wind, fire, and laughter. The discovery and wonder carry them along until they return back to the beginning. Now when they drive home, they drive through the clouds and when the young boy is walking into his house he walks on clouds. Everything has become an adventure. As the kids say... “epic”. In the last scene we see our family back at the house, kids running around and parents fixing dinner. But our main character is sitting quietly at the dinner table with paper and paint putting the finishing touches on the picture of his hot air balloon.

I think that our dreams can reflect the desires of our hearts and our imaginations can point to the story that our lives will become. But life is an adventure that actually extends beyond our own dreams and a story that exists before and last’s after our own imaginations.....epic. I imagine that I will fly one day.

Enjoy the song!!