Hole in the Sock or Rock in the Shoe?

Is it s whole in the sock or a rock in the shoe?

Sometimes producers (and any artists for that matter) can get what I call “producer-itis” where they get so hyper focused on some part of a production they can’t sleep till its fixed. A snare buzz, a guitar squeak, a bass scrape. With producers, and lots of artists, once they hear that imperfection they can’t un-hear it. Sometimes things need to be fixed and thank goodness for protools audio suite!! But sometimes you just need to ask yourself, “Is this a whole in the sock or a rock in the shoe?”

What I mean by that is this: if you have a hole in your sock, if you just start walking and going about your day eventually you will forget about that hole and just enjoy your day. You might even get home, take your shoes off and fondly grin at that little toe smiling back at you! But if you have a rock in your sock, every step you take becomes an alarm to you nervous system. You can’t think of anything else and nothing else good can happen until you stop, kneel down and remove the offensive boulder from betwixt your phalanges. This is a rock in the shoe. So in the grand scheme of your creation what is this thing that is bothering you? How do you know when to let it go or make it right. Ask yourself this question: Is is a hole in the sock or a rock in the shoe?