C'est le Printemps

Here is a piece that reminded my wife of france in the spring. It started with the simple phrase you hear at the intro. That became the "A" section. The next day the two "B" sections were added to create a story. Its a simple piece...I started trying to add stuff to it and nothing would fit. I was all like.... I listen to dubstep and hip hop and Sigur Ros and this sounds like Jim Brickman in Paris!! But I like it just the same. So here is the story I see.  Picture a french ballerina sitting outside in a coffee shop looking at a church across the street......while I wrote the melody I imagined her dancing (it helps me with the melodic line and phrases to imagine movement) in her mind while she sipped for coffee and wondered if her dreams would ever come true. Second verse  life happens and she becomes a dance instructor. Then in the last part of the last "A" section we see her  teaching a young girl the different stuff ballerinas do.. The little girl turns and smiles at her as our heroine lovingly smiles back. Cheesy? maybe.....

Bon appetite

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